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Customized or Personalised Massage

Some people are new to the world of professional massage and find it difficult to choose the type of massage that would suit them best.

Customized or Personalised Massage

If this is your case, no problem! We are happy that you want to try the massage experience with us!

An interview at the beginning of the session to choose the massage that suits you

The customized massage starts with a short, friendly, confidential interview with our massage therapist. This allows you to explain your problems and your expectations about the massage.

Our massage therapists have a great deal of experience in listening to their clients and advising on treatments. They are sympathetic and friendly, and you can confide in them with complete confidence.

After listening to your problems and your wishes, our specialist will suggest the most suitable massages and treatments.

For example, a sports massage may be suitable if you have a very active lifestyle that leads to aches and pain. If you suffer from stress or anxiety, she can refer you to the relaxing or back massage. Do you want to treat more general or organic problems? Maybe a foot reflexology session would be a good place to start…

These are the types of questions that you will answer together.

A customized massage selected to continue the session

After this interview, the session will continue with the massage chosen together as:

  • Relaxing massage
  • Back massage
  • Face massage
  • Ayurvedic massage
  • Foot reflexology
  • Sports massage 

Only the candle massage will require you to make another appointment because it requires more preparation time. 

As you can see, this customized massage is particularly suitable if you don’t know what to choose in our list or if you have diffuse problems that require a more flexible massage.

Book now you Customized massage and treat yourself to a unique moment of well-being adapted to your particular situation!

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